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Now Open!

New Location: 3133 N Oakland Ave, Milwaukee, WI 5321
11am - 9pm Mon - Sat

Fast, Affordable & Delicious: Eat In | Take Out
Let us do the cooking so you can relax!

Yes, We Cater Events!

We'd love to help you make your next event more memorable and exciting. Call today to discuss you making your next event delicious and more memorable.

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Persian & Middle Eastern Cuisine

Shahrazad restaurant was founded in 1993. Since then it has served as a pillar of ethnic and cultural diversity to Milwaukee’s culinary scene bringing authentic Middle Eastern food. At Shahrazad, we focus on delivering award-winning, delicious food, affordability, and convenience. Our food is Halal too!

Not familiar with Middle Eastern cuisine? Aromatic, delicious, and comforting are all words that can be used to describe Middle Eastern cuisine. The food is rich and flavorful, not overly spicy hot. The Middle East has been the epicenter of trade between the east and west since ancient times. This cuisine has evolved from a massive cultural exchange of ideas and deep heritage.


Enjoy a delicious assortment of freshly grilled kebabs over saffron rice, experience the joy of fresh hummus, or refresh with a crisp salad. After you discover Middle Eastern Cuisine, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


(Includes soda or bottled water)




Meat Lover

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